The fast paced and ultra-competitive world of international motorsport is where Stuart Morrison cut his PR teeth.

With a career resume forged working at the highest levels of motorsport in Europe and North America, Morrison has a portfolio of experience working with brands, sports agencies, athletes and teams.

He has organized press conferences in surroundings as diverse as London’s Financial District, through to the glamorous surroundings of Monte Carlo’s harbour at the Monaco Grand Prix.

At the heart of his PR credentials lies the ability to understand clients needs, network, build relationships and ultimately deliver to the media what they want from a pitch!

2012 IndyCar testing Sebring “I’ve been working with Stuart since my Atlantic Championship and A1GP days so we’ve worked together a long time up into IndyCar. Every step of the way SM-PR has provided me with a comprehensive Press Office service meaning I’ve not had to worry about trying to write my own race reports or pitch media directly. SM-PR has consistently delivered media opportunities for me, both in my early career and now as a fully-fledged IndyCar Series driver – including the creation of the annual ‘Hinchtown Media Challenge’. The relationships enjoyed by SM-PR have been to my benefit thanks to Stuart’s ability to work to the media’s needs. I value the profile that those relationships have generated for me and it’s proved to be particularly attractive to the commercial partners I now work with and represent on-track.���������

IndyCar Series Driver, 2011 IndyCar Series ���Rookie of the Year’ & Multiple IndyCar Race Winner

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